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Awesome course on day game features 18+ hours of content


What if you see the woman of your dreams on the subway? What would you do? Or would you be like James Blunt, paralyzed and impotent. You must make a move! Unless you take your chances right then and there, and the probability of seeing her ever again is low. 

Many of us have experienced this scenario many times in our lives. Nowadays, all over the internet you will find tips and tricks on how to get the woman you like during night time at bars and clubs. The difference between approaching women at night and during daytime is that at night, women want to meet guys and dress up to impress. But what about day game? A woman is thinking about her everyday life when she’s out during the day. She’s in a totally different state of mind. Only a few share tips on how to get the woman you like during daytime. Among these few, there is a program called Day Game Blueprint.

The program features 18+ hours of video instructions on strictly day game and related bonuses. But the tips and tricks shared are not only to be used at daytime, they can also be used anywhere outside the usual nightclub or bar. The instructors show you how to approach women on the street. Yes, you heard it right. They show exactly the process of approaching a woman and capturing her attention, to building rapport and seduction phases. Yes, it may be the same thing you do at bars. But you’re wrong, women are not prepared for the compliment she’ll hear from you. Unlike at a bar, women hear compliments all over the place. They are not as receptive as they are thinking that men are simply hitting on them. The Day Game Blueprint breaks down the process of interacting with women to help you understand WHY and HOW they are doing it and how come it’s WORKING. They also include the mistakes of some men as to why it did not work for them at that time.

The method shared in the Day Game Blueprint is simple and analytic. It shows a totally different approach than all the club stuff. Click here learn more about Day Game .