Date Hot Girls: Better, Faster & Easier

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

A cool video on how to date hot girls: better, faster and easier than you ever would have thought. Indeed, it’s not easy to figure out hot to approach and date hot girls. But in this seminar, Zack Bauer gives us the inside scoop on how to date hot girls:

The speaker talks of his experience with women while in college. He used to date girls who were available and the hotter girls he desired would end up with his friends. He got very frustrated and decided he needed to do something about it. He got to gather the ideas below on how to overcome this problem. Damage Control No matter how handsome, successful or good looking a man is, there will always be friction of interaction when he meets a woman. This provides him a chance of putting things right. If you want to succeed, do not use openers as your main objective is sex. Use eye contact to get her full attention. Do not talk until she initiates the conversation. This will start the interaction on a sexual note and puts you in control. Emotional Investment Women want to meet a man they are attracted to but not in terms of money, or looks. Emotional investment is when a girl is interested in you and wants to know you more because you make her feel good. She starts asking you questions. Use conversation baits such as ‘you have an accent, don’t you?’ This makes her start the conversation and when resistance occurs, this builds sexual emotions. Use short statements which are fun as well (statement roulette). Rapport Establish a simple rapport like you would apply with a boss or friend. This should be casual and understanding. When she starts asking questions, ask her as well and show her who you really are. Arousal Focus and rapport should take 5 minutes as women do not want to wait for hours for a man to make a sexual move. She wants an experience to make her feel attractive and wants you to understand her sexuality. Use explosive restraint which is using statements such as ‘I want to kiss you.’ However, tell her you do not intend to do it at that particular moment. This plants the idea in her head and she becomes comfortable.