Interview With Model Dakota Lynn

By Andy Pope

Last month, we caught up with Alaskan beauty and fashion model Dakota Lynn (check out Dakota Lynn’s web site at and asked the beauty about all things dating. Enjoy our interview with Dakota Lynn:

What kind of guys do you fall for? What are the 3 most important attributes that you look for in a man?

Dakota Lynn: I always fall for guys that don’t fall for me. So I am always battling the broken heart. Witch is very painful but I can’t help it. Sometimes I think I have a love curse since I always fall for the wrong person but, really I think I am just unlucky. Love sick child.

The three most important attributes that I look for in a man are:

They have to be level headed I can’t stand dumb or slow people. Their personality has to click with mine. They have to be goal-oriented.

What was your most fun date? What did you do?

Dakota Lynn: My funniest date I ever had was actually last week I went to pick up this kid Josh that I had just met but never really hug out with. When I got there he had to put on wet clothes because his clothes were not done drying. Then right as we drove into town my car heater went out and it got really cold and Josh turned into a ice cube. We were on our way to watch “Peter Pan – The Movie” but decided to stop in get the car fixed, we thought it was only going to take like 15 minutes but it ended up taking 8 hours. We had to continue our date in a stranger’s house but they feed us pizza and chocolate and let us play their Sony Playstation. Finally after we finally missed that last showing of the movie they decided to let us take their car for the night. But their driver door would not shut so I had to site on Josh’s lap to hold the door shut while he was driving, it was a weird position considering the fact I didn’t really even know this kid. Well, I know this sounds boring but it was a really big adventure. I mean if it wasn’t one thing that went wrong it was another. But we made the best of it and at the end of the night we both decided it was the funniest date ever and totally better than the traditional dinner and movie.

What is a good location/Venue for a first date?

Dakota Lynn: I think a good location in Alaska is the Middle Way Café because it’s cute, in town and they have good food.

If I wanted to meet a beautiful woman like Dakota Lynn, what would be the best place to meet you?

Dakota Lynn: Well if you wanted to meet the real me before I am all dolled up, I would say the gym because I spend most of my time at the gym. But other then that I am always raving. So if there is a rave you will find me there.

What’s the worst place for a guy to hit on you?

Dakota Lynn: The worst place to hit on me is the strip club, because if you hanging out at the strip club watching naked chicks and you try to hit on me, I am not going to take you seriously.

Have you ever dated a guy you didn’t like when you first met him? If yes, what did he do to become more attracted to you.

Dakota Lynn: Actually the guy that broke my heart in ten thousand pieces. At first I really didn’t like him. He was to quiet, always doing drugs and was tall and goofy looking. But after I got to know him better I fell in love with his smile it was so big and so comforting and my heart went flutter flutter from there till I was totally crazy about everything about him..

What things should guys no about dating but never seem to get correctly?

Dakota Lynn: I think there are 3 things

They should not try and hit on you on the first date because it doesn’t look good. That just because the girl gets attached they should not run away because they could be running away from a good thing. Not act like there all that and a bag of chips.

What signals do you give a man win you want hem to make the first move?

I usually will start getting playful, ask him if he’s ticklish, tickle

him, or bat my eyes like a butterfly.

What signals do you give a man when you want him to stay away?

I’ll tell him I am taken. And if they don’t get the clue and start bugging me I’ll politely tell hem to KICK ROCKS and if that doesn’t work, then I’ll just leave.

What are your biggest turn ons?

A big smile A nice set of abs Pretty eyes tongue rings and chocolate.

What are your biggest turn offs?

Beady eyes Guys that chew loudly Mean people Head games Bad kissers

What is the one thing you wish all men knew about woman?

I wish they knew how to read our emotions, because then they would not try in play with them so much.