The Cube Test

By Andy Pope

The cube test is a classic, pseudo-personality assessment tool that helps you appear very perceptive about a woman’s personality and life. I learned it from Style and applied the cube test successfully in the field as a nice little way to engage and intrigue a woman. The trick is to be as playful as Style is in this video, and have fun with it. Then it can be a brilliant conversation starter and lead to a number of other conversation topics you can connect to afterwards. More importantly, if you run this as an interactive game, you can engage her in a good discussion. Having said that, when I run the cube test, I don’t reveal all of the answers right away as Style does in the video here. Instead, I keep the suspense alive by telling her that I will reveal the results over the course of the evening. Indeed, I stack a number of different little tests, games and questions and reveal them over time one-by-one to keep her engaged throughout an evening. Even if you’re a natural, I think it’s great to have a little “portfolio” of fun games, tests and questions in your repertoire to keep a beautiful woman entertained. Just conversation alone can be boring, and very few guys take the trouble to entertain with these types of games. That could be a great way for you to differentiate yourself from regular PUA’s out there in the field. 

What do you think of the cube test? Have you ever tried the cube test in your interactions with women? Share your field reports on the cube test in the comments below. If you know of any other games that work well in the field, please share them below as well. Don’t hold out on us, will ya’!