Conversation Tips: Build Rapport

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Some great conversation tips by the Gambler in this awesome video. Quick summary of the key conversation tips he gives in the video:

1. Body language has to be right when you meet a woman on a date. Sit back and relax. When talking, be expressive but do not smile constantly and nod. Having a neutral face is actually more attractive.

2. Structure your questions well. When you ask one question, wait for a response then comment. Do not ask one question after the other, then just nod and say, ‘cool’ without making a constructive comment.

3. For instance, when you ask her what she likes doing and she says cooking, get details on what she likes cooking, which ingredients she prefers, etc. This will make her open up more.

4. When you go to meet the girl, have an idea of what your goals are with her. This enables you to know what to ask her. Having clear goals in mind will help you steer the conversation in the right direction. When you ask appropriate questions she will know that you are interested in her.

5. Sometimes conversation runs out. When this happens ask questions like: – Do you remember your first day at school? – In which country would you like to wake up? Such questions keep the conversation going. However, make sure you have some ready answers in case she directs the same questions to you!

6. Make sure you lead the conversations. Avoid situations where the woman controls the date and asks you questions. She may do this to avoid uncomfortable silences.

7. When this happens, take charge of the conversation so as to achieve your initial purpose. This arouses curiosity in her and she will want to know you more.

8. When a man just nods and doesn’t speak, the girl will think he is not listening. Look into her eyes and understand what she is saying then pause before moving to the next question.

What do you think of Richard’s conversation tips? Share your conversation tips in the comments below.