Upgrade Your Conversation Skills

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Another cool seminar on how to upgrade conversation skills quickly with conversation hacking. Quick summary of the conversation skills video below:

When talking to people, you may notice that when you use some phrases with different people, you may achieve similar results.

Develop persuasion skills so as to get what you want. Be charming. • Add a bit of drama when talking and humor as well. This makes you become more approachable. Know how to push people’s buttons by using persuasive language. This makes people comply with what you want.

People view things from different perspectives. However, it is possible for you to flip people’s emotions. You can do it in 3 ways; changing people’s emotions, changing the context and changing the timeline.

Having An Interesting Conversation

Most people have a hard time starting a conversation. There are some phrases that can be used to break the ice: – I could be wrong, but… – You look like you are having fun there. – When bargaining at a shop you could say ‘you need to do better than that.’ – Phrases like huh and uh are effective to use. – Would it break your heart just to let us off this once? – How do we fix this? This question creates opportunity for people to help. – When a friend is going through challenges you can ask questions such as, ‘why is this’ or ‘what happened’. This helps you to get to the root of the problem. – When in a shop and the attendant is refusing to reduce the price, ask, ‘why are you making this so difficult?’ This is bound to get you the results you want. – You want to go out with your friend but he backs off at the last minute. You should tell him, ‘the old Steve would have agreed to go out’. This will make him think twice. If you hear phrases that you like, write them down for future use.

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