8 Confidence Building Tips

By C. Amsterdan

To build your level of confidence, follow these 8 confidence building tips:

  1. Examine your image. Buy new clothes and acquire a new look. You will notice that you get more attention from women and at the same time, your family members will also comment on how great you look.
  2. If you are a bit overweight, join the gym and work out so as to lose weight. This will make you look better and you will gain more self confidence.
  3. Get an inner-game. This could be reading self help books or taking up a course. These are tools and ways to make you feel better. Others are audio, self- hypnosis, yoga and meditation.
  4. These will all help to put you in a positive frame of mind. This in turn will make you more confident in yourself.
  5. Learn new skills. Attend dancing classes or skating. Do something different from what you normally do. This will make you feel better about yourself.
  6. When you make progress in something you are involved in, this makes you feel great about yourself. You may encounter setbacks along the way or reach a plateau. In this regard, you should engage in various activities so that in case one does not work out, you can work on others.
  7. Improve your knowledge. Ask yourself what kind of man you want to be. Write down your ideas, plans and goals for the future.
  8. Expand your comfort zone. Do this by going to a club to dance and by forcing yourself to meet new people in new places.

When you work on building your confidence by following the above tips, this will improve your relationships with women. This is because when you progress, you acquire more confidence and this leads to better relations with women. Generally, women are attracted to a man who exudes confidence.