The 8 Items of Clothing Every Man Should have in his Wardrobe

By R. Aguilar

You heard the expression, “Style: because your personality isn’t the first thing people see.”

Admit it or not, your first impression of any person you see is almost always based on his or her physical appearance.

While this is probably true for most everyone, but if you are a man about to enter the baffling realm of modern dating, it would be wise to take note of these mind-boggling yet critical findings published in about the influences of clothes on women’s first impression of men and how your choice of clothing affects you and your game:

1. Women are generally more prone to making snap judgments of men based on their choice of clothing. Also, if you wear “higher social status” clothing, say an expensive 3-piece suit versus Dunkin’ Donuts uniform, women will more likely agree to engage in various levels of relationship with you — dating, sex only, serious involvement or even marriage. (Do the Clothes Make the Man? Men: You Want the Girl? Dress Sharply!, Gad Saad, PhD)

2. Women thinks men who wore custom-made suits were more confident, successful, flexible and earns higher than men who wears off-the-peg ready-made but equally expensive ones. (What Your Clothes Might Be Saying About You, Ben C. Fletcher, D.Phil., Oxon)

3. Know that the clothes you wear don’t just say things about you: apparently, it also speaks to you. Your choice of clothing affects how you think and feel. (What Your Clothes Are Telling You, Ben C. Fletcher, D.Phil., Oxon) So, if you’re dressed like a millionaire, you will actually feel like one. And how does a millionaire feel? Well, confident, carefree, powerful — the best state to be in if you want to engage and succeed in the dating game.

Now, to give you an idea on how to dress the part, check out this video interview of OTTO Uomo’s Tony Giallonardo best known as The Curatore in the men’s style and fashion industry. He discusses essential pieces of clothing every man should have if he is a man who “loves to live and loves to look good every time.”