How To Buy A Suit

Summarized by Ian Zoltai

Adam Rapoport, style editor for GQ, breaks down the intimidating task of buying a suit in a way that an average Joe can understand. With the help of a model and personal shopper, he walks through the choices that have to be made to find the right suit, and the pitfalls that could lead to the wrong one.

Adam covers important topics, from the purpose of the suit and the importance of setting a generous budget, to stressing how important it is for the suit to fit well. He teaches the viewer how much to trust the salesman, and what to ask of them. Following this, the model tries on several suits as Adam continues to explain the details.

The Armani suit, fitting too loose, covers the importance of a clean, sharp look.

The Kilgour suit, fitting too snug, stresses that you should not force yourself into an ill fitting suit, no matter how good you think it looks.

The Dolce & Gabana Suit proves to be a match, and is used to explain where tailoring can be done, and points out the labels on the suit that will be removed by the store. These parts are marked with simple, out of place stitches for easy removal.

With the suit selected, a tie is chosen, a solid gunmetal grey. “Keep it simple,” Adam says. “Stick with something in the color family of the suit.”

The video wraps up by showing a basic pre-tailor fitting, with safety pins, and stresses the importance of getting one’s suit tailored. Even the perfect suit in the right size must be tailored, to properly fit the wearer’s body.

The difference in the model is night and day. He first appears in casual clothes, but by the end of the video he looked ready to stride across a red carpet with an actress on each arm. The effects of a well chosen suit are clear, and the process to find that suit is no longer a daunting task.

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