Building An Attractive Lifestyle

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

A great video with PUA maestro Johnny Berba on how to build an attractive lifestyle which will help you become a “natural” player.


Indeed, natural game is a philosophy. It means being congruent, and what is natural to you. Congruence means what you feel at that particular time and being okay with it. A man needs to be natural and work on himself to attract the woman. He should be aware of his feelings and her feelings. Men depend on feeling good about themselves. Natural game is being yourself. A man who is not confident needs to work on body language and eye contact as these are things that attract a woman. Perfecting Natural Game Be social when you go out and flirt with girls. After you master the approach, connecting is going to be easier for you. You need to connect with yourself first. A woman responds according to the vibe the man is giving. Listen and learn her fears and hobbies. Self confidence is vital in getting a woman. Men fear approaching a woman in case they are rejected and end up feeling silly. Go over to a woman, give her a compliment then walk away. When you do this severally it desensitizes you from rejection. Feel attractive, change your fashion, start coaching and have confidence. Confidence means being comfortable in yourself. A man needs to be himself to succeed in natural game. When he uses lines and tricks it shows lack of confidence. Go up to her and say something simple like, ‘you look nice.’ Do not pretend to be who you are not. Entitlement Men and women need each other. Do not react with people differently because of who they are or what they do. For instance, you may feel intimidated because a woman says she is a model. You feel maybe she is dating better looking men than you. Abundance Men stick to one girl portraying neediness. The opposite of this is abundance which means having choices. When you have abundance it does not mean you are perfect. When you fail, you should pick yourself up. Failure leads to success.