Build Your Self Confidence

Imagine you are given the ability to handle any fear and anxiety that you encounter. You are confident in handle whatever comes in your way. This is all about acting inspire of fear and indecision. In this video entitled “Overcome Fear and Anxiety in Seconds”, Josh Pais describes his method for staying calm and present no matter how intense the situation is. He has a company called Committed Impulse where his vision is to provide high performance training to actors, entrepreneurs and artists.

This video is about the true essence of what it takes to build your self confidence. What is important is how you react in the moment and this video shows you what to do if you feel a rush of nerves or panic. This is a great technique if you want to approach women without fear, overcome social anxiety, and overcome the fear of public speaking.

By the time people get anxious or nervous, they try to stop whatever they are feeling. Unfortunately, that usually makes it worse. The key is to appreciate those feelings, embrace them and then they will just dissipate. Josh came up with a formula about increasing your tolerance for intense feelings. It suggests that if you can handle intense emotions of fear and anxiety, then you will be impregnable.

Josh recommends being present. This is key to handling any situation and performing at your best. First, see what is in front of you. Take a scan of your proximity and notice the details. You will now be aware of what will come in your way. This keeps you ready to handle any circumstances. Second, feel the sensation in your body. Our body is made up of atoms that are vibrating in different frequencies in different situations. Do not stop feeling your emotions. Just take a deep breath and see what sensations are there. Lastly, increase your breath. Many of us just breathe to live. If you are overthinking things, you are just pulling out yourself from the audience. You are diminishing your presence. To solve this issue, pull off numbers of inhale and exhale. This will bring you in a state of mind. You will now be able to establish your presence at any situations.

Fear is a natural response we all encounter. It is something we feel to protect us so we can survive. It helps us grow.