(Photo courtesy of Thomas S, CC)

3 Tips To Build Charisma

By C. Amsterdan 

Charisma is an intriguing subject for many people. Is it something you are born with or something that you can learn? Watch Olivia Fox Cabane’s video below where she teaches how you, too, can be charismatic by changing some things about yourself.


When you have charisma this makes people interested in you and want to love you. They react positively towards you and want to do what you want. You can be able to control charisma, by exuding it sometimes or suppressing it. It can be described as an applied science. This behavior is learnt in life and refined making it instinctive.

Can you build charisma? There are three aspects to building your charisma:


When people meet prominent personalities, they may describe them as having presence. This is the core of charisma. When talking to someone with your mind elsewhere, this shows on your face and the other party will notice through your facial expression or lack of, if you don’t pay full attention to them.

This person will think you are not genuine and lose confidence in you. Faking presence is not possible. You can acquire presence by focusing on the color of the eyes of the person you are talking to.

Giving your full attention makes the other party feel important. Do not try to impress them, let them impress you.


Power does not refer to physical or military power. It refers to your perception of your ability to affect the world around you. It can refer to money, appearance, mannerisms, body language and clothes.

People behave in specific ways depending on how they feel. Learn to shift your brain so as to reach your goals. The greatest obstacle is lack of self confidence and fear that you don’t know what you are doing.

Get rid of this stigma of shame as it hinders performance. Understand that sometimes our brain passes the wrong view of reality. Learn how to re-write reality.


Warmth tells us if someone is being kind to us. Warmth cannot be faked as it involves body language. It can tell us whether the other person can use their power in our favor. It is hard to control our body language consciously.

Eyes portray our feelings and are the most expressive. When two people look into each other’s eyes, this may lead to love. When talking, your face portrays your feelings.

The kind of charisma you have depends of which of these three elements is your strongest.