Build an attractive lifestyle that attracts beautiful women

by Andy Pope

One of the best lessons coming out of the PUA (= pick-up artist) movement these days is the realization that yesterday’s pick-up artist methods, tricks and techniques can only get you so far. You might get lucky every once in a while and the best of PUA technology is wonderful in increasing your chances of success, but if you want to have successful, long-term relationships with truly exceptional women, you absolutely need the rock solid foundation of an über attractive lifestyle. The kind of lifestyle that you have always dreamed of; a lifestyle of abundance, of fun, of happiness, of joy that not only makes you happy, but would also attract beautiful women.

Why do you need an attractive lifestyle to attract beautiful women?

The rationale behind building an attractive lifestyle to attract a beautiful woman is straight forward: like attracts like. After all, what’s the likelihood that a video game obsessed geek would ever attract and keep a playful, fun and outgoing Victoria’s Secret model: next to zero. 

Put yourself into the shoes of the type of woman you want to date. What is she like? What kind of friends does she have? How does she spend her weekends? Chances are that you are attracted to someone who is not only beautiful, but also fun, outgoing, and social. Someone who is adventurous, likes to try new things, and has a healthy circle of positive-minded friends. 

Now, if you are attracted to that type of woman, can you match her lifestyle? Or even better yet, can you add to her life by inviting her to join your even more exciting lifestyle? If the answers to those questions are a no, you have some work to do. Part of being an attractive person is your attractive lifestyle. You would want to be able to enrich another person’s life as much as they can enrich yours. You don’t want to be the bloodsucking maggot who has nothing to bring, but someone who is an equal – if not superior – when it comes to having a truly awesome life. Freedom, fun, adventure, happiness. If that’s what you’re about, beautiful women will flock to you. 

Indeed, one of my girlfriends was a complete party animal. She would work her ass off until 10 pm at night, come over to my place and suggest we go out for a drink – every single night. This girl was just relentless. She just loved being social. She loved being out with friends and celebrated the end of almost every day with a tropical cocktail at a fun beach bar or a nice late dinner at a new trendy Italian restaurant in a glitzy part of town. I loved being with her. Not least she made me feel younger – she was 13 years younger than me – but she actually made me younger. Being with her made me realize that my boring lifestyle of working hard and going home to crash in front of the TV was just not that much fun. She thoroughly exhausted me, but also made me crave a different type of life that I didn’t have at the time. I’m sure you can imagine what happened when I didn’t pull my weight in the relationship, so you’d better beef up your lifestyle, if you want to attract and keep a healthy relationship with someone who contributes an attractive lifestyle to the relationship.

What is an attractive lifestyle?

In the first instance, you would want to match the lifestyle of the women you want to attract. What’s important is that you don’t just pretend to have that lifestyle, but actually design and live it, because otherwise you would not be congruent and she would quickly see through your pretending to be something that you’re not. You would want to be something rather than just say something. Who and what you have in your life is a reflection of who you are today. If you want something and someone different in your life, you would want to change who you are – and your lifestyle is the very foundation of that.

For example, if they love to travel and see new places, you would want to make that part of your lifestyle and learn how to genuinely enjoy travel as well. Similarly, if they like to go party on weekends with a great circle of friends, you would want to have the same. If she enjoys an evening at an art gallery opening, so should you.

Basically, a lifestyle covers the following areas:

  • Friends – the people you spend your time with
  • Activities & Hobbies – how you spend your time
  • Your Home – that would make a woman feel at home and comfortable
  • Personal Style & Appearance – the way you dress also conveys your lifestyle
  • Stories – the things you talk about and focus on convey the life you live
  • etc.

To get started, you should sit down with a blank piece of paper and design the type of lifestyle you have always wanted to live. What does your perfect day look like? What does your perfect week look like? Design your perfect lifestyle, and you’ll be surprised by the new opportunities to meet and attract women you create.

To start designing your new life, check out Robin Sharma’s life audit:

What does your perfect day look like? Let me know your thoughts: