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On the Core plan, paid time off won’t automatically sync with your payroll. You can’t integrate your PTO policies with your payroll unless you sign up for the Complete plan.

Vital information can be found in a single, centralized location online. You don’t have to rely on documents and file cabinets just to store your employee database. With BooksTime’s cloud-based software solution, you can experience a simplified and hassle-free navigation system. It becomes easier to pull out information from the cloud when it becomes necessary.

Reeves and his team set out with the goal of crafting a world-class interview training program. But first they had to identify what it was that they were training employees to look for.

Once their manager approves, the time automatically syncs to payroll and translates time worked into dollars to be paid. This is an add-on service and isn’t automatically included with BooksTime’s Basic or Core retained earnings plans. The software calculates, files, and pays all taxes—federal, state, and local, which is notable because some services require you to know which local payroll taxes you’re responsible for paying.

Who owns BooksTime payroll?

The company crossed the 100,000 customer barrier in the past year, out of an estimated six million small businesses in the United States. “I feel like we are still at the beginning stages,” BooksTime’s founder and CEO Josh Reeves told TechCrunch.

When you do this via BooksTime, the platform automatically syncs time off to all calendars and payroll. Here’s another feature that works hand in hand with BooksTime’s payroll feature. BooksTime’s Time Tools makes it easy to factor in any time off employees use that may affect their weekly or monthly paycheck.

Please send an email to about this and we’ll escalate it to the appropriate team to assist you. I have used their support by chat, or phone, they provided conflicting information.

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Since then, she has contributed to numerous print and web-based publications, including Barron’s and Kiplinger’s Personal Finance Magazine. BooksTime is easily accessible through a mobile web browser; there’s no separate app. It looks and works very much like the full desktop version. The app opens to your dashboard, and a link opens the site’s menu, which is exactly the same as the desktop version’s. And whether you’re in the employee or admin version, you’ll have to do some maneuvering to see all the data on content-heavy screens like reports and pay stubs. Once you’ve finished your payroll, you’ll want to be able to look over it and analyze the data.

BooksTime review

BooksTime’s service is very easy to use, and you can be completely set up in less than 24 hours if you have all of your business and employee information handy plus link your bank electronically. With BooksTime, employers can run unlimited pay runs each month and pay employees with a paper check, pay card, or direct deposit. They can even set employees up on different pay schedules—some weekly and another semi-monthly. The employer will have to enter work time for hourly workers, but they can sign up for one of the two premium plans that come with integrated time tracking. Read our guide to the best payroll services for small businesses to find a service or software that’s right for your business. BooksTime has rolled out 40+ new features to help businesses streamline their operations during the Covid-19 era.

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To complete the process of setting up your BooksTime small business payroll account, you can add a team member to your account. I take the time to test out different accounting programs, payroll software, and productivity tools so you can stress less and earn more money.

If you’re unsure of anything, save your data and come back to it later. Only SurePayroll offers a similar ability to save and come back to a payroll run later. Your dashboard is the best place to go once you’ve completed setup. It displays three types of information that apply to your specific situation. adjusting entries There’s a to-do list, which suggests that you might want to complete other areas of setup, such as approving time-off requests and inviting your accountant or other team members to access the site. Other reminders appear on the dashboard, too, like the due date for your next payroll run.

BooksTime review

They are going to cause a business to go under with how they are conducting their business. I have had to start running a manual payroll because I cant rely on their services that I pay for on a monthly basis. The BooksTime Help Center is accessible directly from the payroll dashboard and includes a searchable knowledgebase as well as access to a variety of payroll related categories. A FAQ page is available as are detailed instructions on payroll setup.

BooksTime Review

While each of the four plan options includes payroll processing and payroll tax services, they differ in the number of HR features and tools they include. DON’T USE BooksTime. My company started using them for the first time January 1st, 2021. Employee’s paycheck had the reduction for the health insurance and the dashboard displayed the active plan selected. We didn’t get a response until I started spamming the founders LinkedIn’s. Well next day we received an email basically saying they aren’t going to help us and they are punting to their lawyers to communicate with us going forward. BooksTime’s features and usability make it a good choice for small businesses, because of its payroll management features, exceptional user experience, and company support. It excels in every element of payroll, and takes a very friendly, understandable approach to a rather unfriendly process, once again earning it a PC Mag Editors’ Choice.

This is the best payroll preview page I’ve seen among the sites I’ve reviewed. simple onboarding checklist that will help employers set up benefits, get the right forms signed, simplify more onboarding tasks, and more. lifetime employee accounts allow users to access information after leaving the company. Randy Johnston and Brian Tankersley, CPA.CITP, CGMA review the small business accounting platform BooksTime. BooksTime supports an unlimited number of payrolls, and easily handles flexible payment schedules as well as multiple pay schedules and multiple pay rates for each employee. BooksTime also supports employee reimbursements, garnishments, and unlimited extra and off-cycle payroll runs.

The features are easy to use and If I want to add a new employee, I just click to set up a new employee BooksTime helps me step by step through everything that needs to be done. Keeping up with tax season can be a challenge for small business owners, especially if they don’t have a proper HR department. However, BooksTime is a better alternative for business owners to employ. With its centralized and integrated platform, you can expect your taxes to be filed with the right government agencies and for your employees’ benefits to be synced in with their payroll.

Does BooksTime take taxes?

The IRS’ worksheet, withholding estimator, and FAQs can also be used as helpful resources when determining your 2020 federal tax withholdings. If you claim ‘Exempt from withholding’, BooksTime will not withhold federal income tax from your wages but all taxable wages will still be reported on the W-2.

In general, customer service is actually very responsive and professional, and I found this to be the case when I called them with my query. While it has low reviews on Trustpilot and the BBB, it is rated highly on sites such as CapTerra (4.7 Stars). The question arises as to whether it has gone downhill and the reviews will follow, but I believe BooksTime has a bright future. I think that it has all the integrations that a business owner could need, but if you do rely on some specific and niche applications, then you might be out of luck in terms of integrations. You really need your accounting and project management tools to be able to sync with payroll and HR, as much as possible.

How BooksTime Built Scalable Hiring Practices Rooted In Tradition

In addition to all this, BooksTime is also super user-friendly and easy to set up — in fact, you can get your payroll up and running in as little as 45 minutes. For all these reasons and more, BooksTime easily earns a 5/5 for overall value. BooksTime makes it easy for employees to access their payroll information—even after they leave the company. Payroll specialists like BooksTime not only help you pay your employees but also take care of ongoing payroll taxes and year-end tax forms. BooksTime offers many of the same features as BooksTime BooksTime Online Payroll, so really it comes down to your preference and what kind of accounting process you have with your business. In addition to an extensive list of features and services that BooksTime Payroll offers, it also integrates seamlessly with other accounting and bookkeeping software. The great thing about BooksTime is that you can try out their software free for one month, and if you like the service you can expect to pay the following pricing plans.

  • It has all the features found in Core and Complete with additional ones catered for human resource and administrative benefits.
  • It’s not a huge hassle, but it was the only part of BooksTime that wasn’t seamless.
  • A direct pricing comparison is difficult because BooksTime’s main competitors – BooksTime and Zenefits, are not primarily payroll solutions.
  • With BooksTime, you are able to pay your employees every week on a specific day of the week .
  • Job & Pay displays employment details like status, compensation, payment methods, and taxes.

Our company actively reached out to BooksTime to try and resolve the issue. We didn’t get a response until I started spamming the founders LinkedIn’s. Tomer London sent a nice response immediately saying he would escalate and help. Well next day we received an email basically saying they aren’t going to help us and they are punting to their lawyers to communicate with us going forward. Stay away from BooksTime – Poor customer service and shameful leadership. Having access to this range of service plans could be beneficial to businesses without a without a full-time HR team.

We believe everyone should be able to make financial decisions with confidence. BooksTime discloses its software security and privacy features in detail on its privacy policy. They use industry-standard encryption on all communications and also have a dedicated team to secure the network. They test their own networks routinely for any breaches or weaknesses. It has a 3.3 rating on Trustpilot which is not the best rating, and most of the negative reviews are recent.

BooksTime can be accessed from all devices including desktop and workstation computers, laptops, smart phones, and tablets. One of the biggest knocks against BooksTime is that their phone and chat support only operate on weekdays during normal business hours. That said, BooksTime’s customer support staff is top-notch, and their thorough onboarding process actually makes one-on-one help unnecessary in most cases.

Hi Amie, we’re really sorry to hear about the experience you’ve with the issues you’ve encountered. Rest assured we have escalated this to our support team and we will make sure to follow up on your open support cases as soon as possible. If you have no issues or don’t need to call them for anything, BooksTime is fine. If you need to call them, the customer service reps have no idea how to help you although they are nice enough. We’re sorry that you’ve been having a frustrating experience with us.

BooksTime review

It’s reliable – an essential quality for payroll software – easy to use, and saves businesses a lot of time. It had the second-highest number of features among all the software we reviewed, beat only by Zenefits. Finally, while BooksTime has a 100% tax-filing guarantee policy, they don’t explicitly advertise that policy. With a tax-filing guarantee, a payroll company promises that they’ll deal with any tax entity that comes after your business for tax errors, as long as the tax errors were the software company’s fault. We’re relieved BooksTime outlines the policy in its terms of service agreement—we absolutely couldn’t endorse BooksTime otherwise—but we wish the company was more upfront about it.

Getting started with BooksTime is easy and for free when you sign up through their one-month trial period. Then walk through the actual offer details more privately with the candidate. At BooksTime, the hiring manager or the recruiter handles this part of the conversation. Early stage founders are heavily involved with every single hire. They are in each interview from the beginning for obvious reasons, perhaps not even realizing that this provides a quiet undercurrent of consistency that steadies the ship. Then at a certain size, the founder’s plate gets more full, the pace of hiring picks up and suddenly it’s no longer feasible to meet with everyone. The only thing that I don’t like about BooksTime is that commuter benefits are handled on a separate website that requires you to create another account to manage them.

You can build employee benefit packages directly within the software. Also, If an employee has an IRS levy or child support garnishment, BooksTime will withhold and send funds for all states, except South Carolina, at no additional charge. Charlette has over 10 years of experience in accounting and finance and 2 years of partnering with HR leaders on freelance projects. She uses this extensive experience to answer your questions about payroll. Lifetime accounts for employees who may need to access their information in the future. Not sure if BooksTime’s payroll service is the right fit for you? Explore other payroll processing options on our list of the year’s best payroll companies.

“BooksTime is a comprehensive payroll, benefits administration, and compliance management solution.” With BooksTime, you can automatically track, statement of retained earnings example review and approve your team’s working hours. With BooksTime, you are able to pay your employees every week on a specific day of the week .