Body Language

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

In this interesting video, PUA legend Mystery covers the importance of body language in a pick-up and a few other things we need to keep in mind:

For a man to attract a woman, it takes more than good posture. Body language is very important and plays a big role. We all have an emotional circuit which is specifically created to take care of our purpose in life which is to survive and replicate. You may have a game plan which is not assisting you. Some people have better game plans than others. In life, we all need a plan of attack.

Replication and Survival

In the brain, there is a circuit which helps in judging the value of other people and this helps in replication and survival. Everyone has a value to us. You should be able to serve the woman who wants to align with you as she serves a specific purpose in your life. Stages of Courtship There are three stages in courtship:

1. Attract: Be valuable to her. What do you have to offer?

2. Comfort: When you stand too close to her this makes her uncomfortable and anxious.

3. Seduce: Make her comfortable so that she lets you seduce her or she seduces you.

Pre-Selection & Body Language

• If a woman sees you in a group of other women, she will think you are of high value. You may walk around a room in her presence, with a woman on each arm, talking and laughing. This shows the woman you want to attract that you are pre-selected, and in her eyes, this will make you more attractive.

• If you are with a friend having a conversation and you punch him on the arm making him wince, a woman watching will rate you higher, as you will portray yourself as having a higher survival replication value.

• If you want to approach a woman who is seated with a friend, do not lean between them too close. This will lower your value to her. Keep a respectable distance and create conversation.

• When you finally sit with her, you can gauge how interested she is by taking her hands. If she extends them with the palms up this shows disinterest. If her palms face down, it shows interest.