The Billionaire Lifestyle

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Billionaires enjoy their lavish billionaire lifestyle all over the world. They spoil themselves with estates and private jets and other luxuries. Donald Trump once filed a suit in damages against a reporter who referred to him as a millionaire, instead of billionaire! Real Estate Millionaires normally invest in real estate ranging in the amount of 10 million dollars. However, for a billionaire, there are no limits to how much they can spend to acquire the home they want. A billionaire buys estates ranging from 20, 40 or even 60 million dollars. They buy estates all over. Most of them are very particular about isolation and prefer areas where there are no neighboring houses. Bill Gates is said to have bought a mega home in Seattle costing 120 million. Paul Allan, the Microsoft Co-founder, has 5 mansions. Larry Allison, the Oracle founder who is worth 16 billion dollars, owns 245 million dollars worth of Real Estate around the world. He also bought many homes in Malibu Beach to make sure he is the only inhabitant there. Palaces This is the ultimate possession for billionaires. The Sultan of Brunei built the largest residential palace in the world. It is bigger than a Vatican. The living room can sit 1000 people. A Saudi Prince spent 130 million dollars to build a palace. It is big and lavish and the most luxurious in the world. It consists of 317 rooms. It is 400,000 sq ft, with a foyer which is 75 ft high. There is a beauty salon, swimming pools and a bowling alley. It is so big, one can get lost inside. There is a staff of 180 people. Space Ships Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Atlantic, is building his own space ship for space tourism, called Virgin Galantic. Microsoft founder, Paul Allan, built the first rocket ship to leave the earth. founder,  Jeff, also owns a space ship.