Beat Your Insecurity – Looks, Money, Height

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

You need to come across as confident and secure when you are trying to connect with a woman. Your confidence or insecurity will be an important factor for her to determine whether or not to get to know you. Though when a  woman reject you, take it in stride and do not over-interpret her rejection. Some of the main reasons for insecurity are:


If you feel you do not make as much money as you should, do not let this affect your self esteem. Just work hard to improve your situation. Also, do not compare yourself with others, as you will never win and this will make you feel worse about yourself.


Women who are very beautiful still feel insecure and compare themselves with others. A woman may be the object of admiration of other people, but she will still find fault with her appearance.

The best thing is to stop comparing yourself as there will always be someone who is better than you. A man may want to enhance his muscles and will therefore take steroids to achieve this. When people comment on his new look, his brain tells him he is now accepted. In the end he becomes obsessed with the steroids, trying to become even bigger.When a man is short, nothing can change this and he should accept himself the way he is.


Negative feedback is necessary as when your ego is wounded, it drives you to act. Do not take yourself too seriously. Be able to laugh at yourself. Sometimes when you try to improve yourself it works to the contrary. For instance, you may join a gym but become more stressed when you discover that you have more flaws. Life is a journey and you should enjoy it. Most people are obsessed with their looks. Tell yourself that you are awesome. Love life and do not be insecure.