(Photo Courtesy of Yahoo)

Be The Wolf Not The Sheep

Summarized By Christian Amsterdan

Yet another interesting philosophical talk that Real Social Dynamics founder Owen is giving on how to be the wolf not the sheep. Quick takeaway: You will never feel completely confident and at ease with yourself no matter how many people reassure with their love. Everyone feels they need completion. Some men feel very insecure when they are with their wife or girlfriend in the presence of other men. They feel threatened and think their partner might be taken away from them. This shows they are scared. We are all scared and tired.

Society makes you believe that you need completion. When things like divorce happen, a man is left confused, wondering how it happened. We normally prefer being told what to do because we are scared and tired. A confident and self assured man may approach a business owner and offer to buy the business. The business owner readily agrees. This shows that this business owner is tired and scared of running the business. People prefer being told what to do and that is why they opt to be employed as someone else is in control. We all want someone to reassure us and give us direction. We are brought up to think that when we go to college, this is an assurance of getting a job. This is why parents bend over backwards trying to ensure they send their children to college. However, the jobs may turn out hard to come by. In life, we do not have answers to so many things. For example, everyone loves eating meat which comes from various animals. Some religions however, do not approve of this. The reason is not clear as when you try to explain it, you might say that the animal is not aware of what happens to it. So many things are not clear. People want completion because they are tired and scared. There is no completion as the world is always changing in terms of jobs, relationships and everything else encountered in life.  So how can you be the wolf not the sheep? Gotta watch this video.