Approach Hot Women with Confidence

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Another cool video from UK-based PUA Johnny Berba. This time he gives us some tips on how to overcome approach anxiety and approach a hot girl with confidence:

Many men find it hard to approach beautiful women without suffering from nervousness and anxiety. Signs of social anxiety are sweaty hands, awkwardness, stress, paranoia, dizziness and nausea. There are some steps you can take to boost your confidence around women:

Visit a Crowded Place

When in a crowded place, stand back and try to relax. If you are feeling anxious, take deep breaths then breathe out from the mouth. Cross your arms across your chest and you will instantly feel confident. Say hello to strangers passing by. You will then notice that few or none of them pay you any attention. This is because everyone is busy and engrossed in their own issues. This is proof to you that no one is staring at you, so you need not be nervous. Stand straight and smile. Smiling will instantly make you feel happier.


If you have negative thoughts in your mind, just tell yourself that it is okay, and admit you have social anxiety and will work with it. Walk to a deserted road and talk loudly to yourself. Tell yourself that you are nervous but you are going to overcome this and get rid of the fear of talking to girls. Go to the mirror and tell yourself that you are awesome and people love you. This will give you a sense of confidence.

Body Language

When you are nervous, you adapt a bad body posture. You may walk with your shoulders slouched. This gives out negative body language. Stand straight with feet apart. The back should be straight and the head upright and chest thrust out. This will make you feel confident and strong. When you walk this way, you look and feel more confident. These are simple but effective steps. Work with affirmations daily to give you more confidence and get rid of social anxiety.

Does these tips help you with approach anxiety and approach a hot girl with confidence? As always, we welcome your comments and ideas below.