Killer Wingman Tips: How To Approach A Girl with a Wingman or Wingwoman 

By R Aguilar

Here’s some quick tips from The Gambler, Richard La Ruina of PUA Training. This time it’s about something very basic in the game: How To Approach A Girl with a Wingman or a Wingwoman. 

Okay, to start off, what exactly is a wingman and what is his role? 

A wingman or a wingwoman is that buddy you bring along in bars, clubs or wherever you would usually go to hook up with girls. He or she is there for a single purpose: To help make sure that you will have a smooth approach, interaction and if it all works out, a fantastic closing with a girl you like. 

Your wingman must have good, if not better social / pickup skills than you do, otherwise, instead of actually helping you, he or she might just end up ruining your game. And you don’t want that. Usually, you and your wingman would have an understanding, like a code which can mean ‘Some help here, please’, or ‘Let’s get out of here’.

In this video, Rich demonstrates some common mistakes new guys make when they have a wingman or a wingwoman with them. This “killer wingman tips” as Rich calls them will answer questions like:

  • When you see a couple of girls together, would you and your wingman approach them at the same time? 
  • Or when your wingman approach the group first, when is the right time for you to come in?
  • How do you engage them in conversation? How do you make sure that the girls won’t get bored with you and just leave?
  • Also, is it better to have to have a wingwoman than a wingman? 
  • What can a wingwoman do that your regular wingman can’t?

Alright then, watch the video and let us know what you think of Rich’s tips. Share your own wingman tips and challenges too!