Approach Anxiety, Qualification, Escalation

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

When we are young, we are taught that going to school, college, university and having a job are the most important things in life. However, there are other vital points to consider in life such as relationships. This is why seminars and talks are held for men to enable them enhance their interactions with women. It is vital to implement what you learn from these seminars. Here are a few highlights from this video:

Overcoming your approach anxiety and approaching a woman

Many men suffer from approach anxiety. A man may spot a beautiful woman and get attracted, but may not approach her due to this problem. The best way to deal with it is to accept that it is normal as we are all human.

Do not try to get rid of approach anxiety. All men possess this fear and the only difference is that some take action despite the fear, while others will not. So, act despite the fear. Face your fear head on.

Indeed, it may even be enjoyable having butterflies in your stomach when relating to a woman!

Say what is in your mind, according to how you feel, for instance, ‘I saw you and liked you and wondered if you could be my girlfriend.’ This is a good conversation opener and portrays honesty. Men who are open and honest elicit a positive result rather than alpha males who try to act perfect.


Men qualify women to check whether the woman is right for them. Men look

for different things according to what they want in the relationship. For instance, if you are looking for girlfriend material, you will search for qualifications such asa  good personality, ambitious, kind and caring. Starting off as just friends will enable you to gauge whether she is what you are looking for.


You may feel that you are not achieving much progress with the woman. However, do not give up, be persistent. When you make mistakes, find out what happened and who was in the wrong. This helps you to improve.

If she does not respond to your advances, take this as a learning experience.

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