Approach Anxiety: How to Get over the Fear of Approaching Women

By Christian Amsterdan

For most men, the ultimate goal is to meet hot girls and get laid. There are no set rules to follow so as to be successful. However, it is advisable to use natural game rather than pick up. You do not need pick up so as to get good women. Instead, be natural and genuine.

How to Overcome Approach Anxiety

  • Believing in yourself is important. Do not worry about what people think. Most men want results but do not put in enough effort to attain what they want. 
  • Note that no man can get all the women he wants. Feel good about yourself and know that you do not need a woman so as to feel good. You may feel insecure at times, but eventually you will gain confidence.
  • Women may give you compliments such as how good you are in bed and how humble you are. This makes you feel good. Whatever you do affects how women relate to you.
  • If you give out negative vibes, the woman will pick this. Engage in yoga to get rid of negativity. Emotions such as anger and bitterness are driving forces which may help you achieve results.

How to Become Confident

  • Many men fear approaching women and this is very normal. The first step is to admit you have a problem. Fear of rejection from women is common. Women get attracted to alpha males. However, the best thing is to be natural:
  • Take action: Learn how to compliment women and make eye contact. This gives you confidence. Have good conversation skills. 
  • Self amusement: Let yourself go and talk about anything. In this way, you develop the ability to connect with someone.
  • Find out what women like or dislike about you and make improvements.
  • Quality of action taken is important. Be consistent.
  • Give up the games. Admit when you have a problem. Showing your vulnerabilities is a sign of confidence.
  • Ignore competition and be happy in your own skin.