How To Be An Alpha Male: Becoming the Gorilla

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Have you always wanted to be an alpha male? An alpha male is a man who has no fear, full confidence and the power to persuade anyone about anything, and seduce women anywhere? In this interesting video seminar get RSD Brad’s views on how to become an alpha male by becoming a gorilla. Quick summary for you:

There are various factors which attract a woman to a man such as confidence and humor. A man who has a gorilla-like approach is one who is Alpha and is a high quality guy. This is someone who is self confident and speaks his mind without fear. Approach There are three main factors of direct approach: 1 Giving eye contact – maintaining eye contact shows confidence. 2 Loud approach – this gets her attention. 3 Tonality – the tone determines whether she will respond to you. When approaching a woman, remember that she responds according to the way the man projects himself. If you are Alpha in your approach or gorilla like, she will see you are confident and this is attractive to her. If you are timid and lack confidence, she will be put off. Build trust in the approach by trusting in your abilities. Tonality Tonality is the tone of voice you use when talking. In all interactions, the tone of voice is important. In a gorilla mindset, you feel you are entitled to the girl and you do not see the need to be aggressive. Let your voice convey authority. Be in a good state of mind before expressing yourself. Girls build their state of mind from nice clothes and nice phones while men build their state from things like making money and winning the war. There are different kinds of energy and a man should give out masculine energy. When you give an aggressive approach with confidence, the girl will be taken aback and respond. However, do not be too aggressive. When talking to a girl and your tonality is good, you do not need to be too conscious of it. A man who behaves macho and confident feels good about himself. Be natural in your approach and if she does not respond, do not dwell on it, but just maintain confidence. “