(Photo courtesy of Thomas S, CC)

Advanced PUA Secrets

Summarized by C. Amsterdan

In this great video, Real Social Dynamics’ founder Owen shares his advanced PUA secrets and how to take your game to the next level. 

Here’s a quick summary:

Importance of Going Out

  • If you want to become a PUA and successful with women, it is important for you to go out and socialize so that you can work on your weaknesses. Real world experiences provides the opportunity for learning and growth as a PUA. Cultivate  a social network of women friends and this can be a chance to meet someone you can have a relationship with.
  • Compliance is importance and this means being willing to make changes or adapting to what you need to do. For instance, when you are in bed with a girl, you might find you are panting like a dog and cannot have another erection. You decide to lose weight so as to solve this problem.
  •  You may go out and see a girl you like and approach her. However, there is no progress because you have negative and limiting thoughts in your mind. Going out a lot enables you to become more compliant. When a man starts getting laid a lot he tends to become proud and more self assured.
  • However, sex should not be a gauge for self-worth. The more respect you give yourself, the more you realize your worth. This does not however, mean that if you are getting laid you do not respect yourself.
  • If you do not deal with your faults, such as being depressed, indecisive and lacking in a sense of humor, the women you interact with are going to punish you for these flaws and humiliate you.

Adverse Effects of Going Out

  • Some men go out a lot and this has an adverse effect on their lives. Since they are getting all the sex they want, they assume everything is okay, and their body confirms this. This leads to lack of motivation and neglect of oneself such as ignoring good hygiene and even not changing clothes.
  • A man may become narcissistic, develop a sense of entitlement and be full of self importance. Even at work he may refuse to be involved in team work.

Points to Note

  • There are men who hate women because they have been rejected too many times. Others may have many women but still hate them.
  • In some cases, a woman may be attracted to a man who hates women or one of the ‘bad guys.’
  • Men want instant results in a relationship but this is not possible. You need to go out a lot and learn gradually. It is healthy to learn how to pick up girls.
  • Men or even women who never had sex when growing up turn out to be creepy and do creepy things in future. If you want your relationship to work, take control, be cool and ready to learn!