Advanced Conversation Tips

By C. Amsterdan

What is the best way to keep a conversation going with a girl?

Here are a couple of conversation tips that might help you with keeping a great conversation going: Start the conversation with a simple opener. For instance, if you met at Starbucks for a coffee, comment about the coffee. For example, comment on how good it is, and how much you like the espresso, though it makes you feel high! Avoid being boring though.

Listen closely to her responses, and pick-up on any little nuggets she might provide to continue a conversation. After this, use the words she has used, though you need to rephrase them. This makes her comfortable and encourages her to talk more.

After you break the ice, move on to other personal topics. However, avoid being boring by asking common questions such as, ‘what is your name, what job do you do and where are you from’.

Instead, be creative and tell her, ‘I can guess where you live’. You can also say, ‘I know what you do for a living.’  This approach is more interesting and will get her to talk more.

What do you think of this video and the conversation tips? As always, we welcome your comments below.