Actress Jillian Ann – Interview

By Andy Pope

Meet the multi-talented model, singer and artist Jillian Ann (also check out Jillian Ann’s web site at Enjoy the interview:

What kind of guys do you fall for? What are the three most important attributes that you look for in a man?

Jillian Ann: I respect men who have faith, who are spiritual, who go after their dreams, who live to help other people, who practice compassion, who live to give and not to take, who areminded, who are not judgmental, who would die for what they believe in. I am attracted to men who will give up everything to live for their dreams. I am attracted to men who accept people no matter what they do or how they dress or how much they make. I am attracted to people who stand up for the truth and who will give their lives trying to keep it alive. I am attracted to men who I cannot only share my emotional and physical self with, but also my spiritual self.

What was your most fun date? What did you do?

Jillian Ann: I am a very conversation focused woman. I enjoy long talks around New York, walking, stopping in coffee shops, and walking by the river. I had a wonderful time when I went with this guy to the Hamptons and we went out to the beach and walked along the ocean holding hands. I love going to the ocean. I love walking and talking. I love being close, and, to me, the perfect date is to be curled up in a warm cozy room with music and conversation. I love being one.

What’s a good location/venue for a first date?

Jillian Ann: I enjoy going places where I can talk to people. I love going to a nice dinner and then taking long walks in the park or going to a museum. I think for a first date avoiding getting drunk is a good idea because then you really get to know someone. Going to a concert is cool, but you never really talk. I enjoy getting to really know someone.

If I wanted to meet a beautiful woman like you, what would be the best place to meet you?

Jillian Ann: Through friends, through work. For me, I usually am not so responsive to men hitting on me at a gym or when I am doing something with others. Parties are a possibility. So are events or gallery shows. People like me are usually pretty busy so it’s a bit harder. The only men I have been involved with over the years I met through work and through friends. If women are independent and are happy being alone, it’s harder. Meeting people over the internet is something I feel is very realistic because it gives both parties a chance to connect without the awkwardness of a date. If men hit on me when I am doing yoga or at the gym, I tend to ignore them because I am focused and in my zone. Granted, two years ago it may have been different. But if you just want to meet hot girls, go to the model parties or the industry events or go to the bookstore and maybe yoga. Try to get to know them a little before you try to get them to go out with you. Talk to them. Try to connect by sharing something in common. If you want to be slick, don’t hit on them. Just be friendly and nice but keep a distance. Women want what they can’t have.

What’s the worst place for a guy to hit on you?

Jillian Ann: The gym and yoga or at church or any spiritual place. If I go to a bar, I expect it. If it is through work, it depends on the situation. The only thing I do is work and every man I ever hit on I worked with so needless so say I don’t think work is a bad place as long as it is done with respect. And if the other person does not seem interested, you drop it and never do it again.

Have you ever dated a guy that you didn’t like when you first met him? If yes, what did he do to become more attractive to you?

Jillian Ann: I have never really dated men. I had friends and sometimes that friendship turned into a lover. I never went on dates since I left home at 17. But there have been friends and people I worked with that at first I wasn’t attracted to, but as I got to know them, I began to see that I was attracted to them. Then I would usually end up making a move and starting something.

What things should guys know about dating but never seem to get correctly?

Jillian Ann: Take your time and get to know someone. The feeling of being in LOVE only last 6-9 months so understand that if you date someone for a year and then it’s boring, it’s not them. It’s just the way things are. Love is not based on feeling good all the time. Love is trust andess, acceptance and commitment. Men need to understand love takes time and is painful sometimes. If you bail before you give love a chance to grow, you will never know it. I have found I like to get to know people as friends. Then, after I really know them, I make a decision on whether I want to be more than friends. I don’t like dating. I don’t like the formality or the part about trying to impress each other. I want to really know someone, not what they want me to think they are. Friendship is better for this. The only difference between a lover and a friend for me is sex. Other than that, I like to share the depth and connection with my friends and lovers.

What signals do you give to a man when you want him to make the first move?

Jillian Ann: I am a risk taker. If I feel a connection and I feel that is the right time and place, I will usually make a move. As far as signals, I usually am pretty to the point. If I want you, I will tell you with my words and actions.

What signals do you give a man when you want him to stay away?

Jillian Ann: If I am cold and distant, if I am not warm, if I am not physical, if I tell them I only want to be friends. I am pretty blunt. I am honest. I don’t play games and I don’t like playing games. Time is precious.

What are your biggest turn-ons?

Jillian Ann: Someone who can really talk to me, someone who digs inside of me, someone who really cares, someone who accepts me for who I am, someone who is secure and who doesn’t freak out about my lifestyle or the close relationships I have with my friends, someone who gives me my freedom, someone who pushes me to better myself, someone who will call me out, someone who will tell me the truth, someone who isand honest with me and can express their feelings, someone who is loyal and who doesn’t give up, someone who will love me even when I am away or when I run away, someone who will forgive me when I hurt them and will grow with me, someone who will run away with me and not think about fear, someone who will reach out to others, talk to strangers, someone who dances without caring what people think, someone who will dream even if it means being called crazy, someone who wants me but doesn’t need me, someone who can tell me their fears as well as their dreams, someone who is not afraid to mess up, someone who understands pain is all a part of the game, someone who isn’t afraid to go against what is normal and acceptable, someone who is a rebel and who will fight to the death for what they believe in.

What are your biggest turn-offs?

Jillian Ann: Lying, not being not being honest, telling me one thing and others another, people who wont look at their own soul, people who only care about money and power, people who will sacrifice love to fear and to trying to conform, people who are afraid to let me be free, people who try to control me, people who try to own me, people who are manipulating, people who play with my heart, people who can’t tell me how they really feel, people who shut off their feelings, people who suppress their feelings, people who ignore others in need, people who believe they are God, people who try to get me to love them by impressing me.. that kind of thing.

What is the one thing you wish all men knew about women?

Jillian Ann: That we want to be held and we all like spooning.