How To Achieve True Long Term Happiness

Summarized by C. Amsterdan

How can one achieve true long term happiness? One of the toughest questions of life to answer, Real Social Dynamics’ Max gives us his take on how to achieve true long term happiness in this videos. A man needs purpose, passion and financial stability. If you put your energy in to achieving your goals, when you fail, you will have the strength to rise up and go on.

This applies also to women. If a woman disappoints you, if you have purpose, you will not let this get you down. When you do small things which draw you closer to your goals, you become happier.

If you try something and it does not work out, try something else. Women have feminine energy and tend to live in the moment. Men have masculine energy and therefore strive.

A man can acquire purpose at any age such as 40. When you do something to improve yourself, you feel happy.

A man who speaks about his passion is deemed attractive to a woman as she interprets it to mean he can apply the same passion when having sex!

Find your passion and work towards it. There is no end goal and the journey is what you are going to love. Passion is infectious and when you have it, you pass it to the people around you. Take these steps:

  1. Say yes: In other words, be open- minded and try out many things.
  2. Take action: Work at something and stick to it.
  3. Excel in what you do and grow it to make it sustain you.
  4. Do not let passion become a duty, find new challenges. Avoid routine and think outside the box.
  5. When you hit a plateau, take it in stride. It shows you are progressing, so accept it and take action.
  6. If you find you do not enjoy what you are doing, this may indicate burnout. Take a break.
  7. Trust in your passion and believe in it. Do not be deterred by negative people.

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