Abundance vs Deep Abundance Of Women

By C. Amsterdan

What is Abundance?

Abundance enables men to deal with issues in the world from a perspective which is higher than for the average person. A man who has abundance is able to keep his emotions under control, understands who he is and oozes abundance from all aspects of his life.

This man is confident and is able to make things happen. Wherever he goes, he is treated with respect and women are attracted to him. This man is appealing to women because he is not like the man who attempts to be abundant, just as a way of picking up women.

When you have a plan, this seriously affects how you make an impact in the world and the people you relate with. A man who has built up a high rate of abundance in life is able to walk to a woman and speak whatever is on his mind and she will still be attracted to him.

Abundance in Relation to Women

There is abundance and deep abundance. How does a man react when a woman says she wants to go to the bathroom?
A man may offer to accompany her there, or she may go alone but leave you with her bag or bracelet. This indicates that she feels a bond with you and trusts you. You can make her relax by making a funny comment when she comes back. You can control yourself when you meet a lot of girls. The first level of abundance is recognizing that you are developing feelings for the girl. You may say that you like a certain girl, although you know you can meet many others. When you do a takeaway in a club and a woman notices this, she becomes put off.

Deep Abundance

Deep abundance means approaching many women. You may like a woman but she may end up with another man who is not as attracted to her as you are. This indicates you are no longer in deep abundance.