8 Areas Of Your Life You Should Change Right Now

The hallmark of successful people is investing in themselves.” 

Robin Sharma’s The Life Audit Tool stated that one proven practice among successful businessmen and entrepreneurs is the practice of investing in yourself. In this powerful video, Robin Sharma shares his life audit tool, which helps you achieve the life you deserve.

Small daily improvement leads to a stunning result.

Sharma believes that there are 8 forms of wealth:

  1. inner life
  2. health
  3. family
  4. career
  5. economics and finance
  6. circle of geniuses
  7. adventures and world-class lifestyle
  8. influence, impact and legacy.

Living with these 8 forms of wealth in mind, you can exercise the law of association which states “Who you will be five years from now comes from the books you are reading, what you are learning and the people you are associating with.”

Now comes the life audit tool which serves as a guideline in searching for the true essence of wealth.  Better awareness of 8 forms of wealth gives you an advantage of creating better choices and decisions resulting to a better future.

Another point of Sharma in his life audit tool is that our past limits us from having prosperous future. We cannot create a brilliant future if we are still stuck in our past. One great solution to this problem is to stop holding on to them, let them go and find yourself like a blank slate full of energy ready to create the best out of your life.

Indeed, each one of us has our unique and amazing talent and energy. We are born genius. Reclaim that!