7 Timeless Fashion Tips For Men

By C. Amsterdan

Keep it Simple

Men normally buy the latest and most expensive attire. However, the important thing is to let your clothes and mannerisms portray who you are. Concentrate on style but avoid too many colors and patterns. 

Visit Thrift Stores

They are not expensive and you have a wide range of choice to select from. You do not need to go with current trends, just select something suitable.

Study History

Clothing for men has a story of history. For instance, a casual shirt with two pockets which have flaps is based on military shirts worn long ago. These pockets were used to store ammunition. Another example is the trench coat which has been around since World War I and the safari jacket as well. It is interesting to wear these clothing and explain their origins to people who may otherwise be amused by your choice of clothes.

Get A Mentor

This may be a Pastor or Musician. These people who are in the public eye are involved in trying to convince and persuade people to listen to their message. Therefore, their style of dressing is worth emulating. You can also get a family member as a mentor to assist you in case of any questions.

Go to the Best Men’s Fashion Store in your Area 

While here, try on attire that appeals to you. When you surround yourself with the best, when going shopping you know what to look for.

Learn to Sew

Most men regard this as feminine. However, this is an artistic skill which was also performed by men since long ago. Why spend money to fix buttons or hemming, when you can do it yourself? If in college, you can sew for people to generate an income.

Teach Others Men’s Fashion

So as to advance, teach others as this helps to improve your level of expertise.