(Photo courtesy of Lies Tru A Lens, CC)

5 Telltale Signs of Attraction

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

How can you tell that a woman is attracted to you? In this cool video, maestro Johnny Berba reveals his 5 telltale signs of attraction that he encountered in the field:

1. Hair Play: When you notice a woman playing with her hair when you are talking to her, she is attracted to you. She may do this while tilting her head slightly to one side.

2. Personal Questions: If you are on a date and a woman asks you how close you are to your family, what work you do, where you live and whether you have a family or kids, this means she is interested in you.

3. Giggling/Laughing: Your jokes are not all that funny and you know it, but the girl keeps laughing and giggling constantly. This is a sure sign that she likes you.

4. Long Silences: You are in the middle of conversation then she suddenly keeps quiet and just looks at you dreamily. She likes you a lot!

5. Eye Contact: The girl is engrossed in what you are saying, however boring the topic and stares in to your eyes a lot. This is an indication of attraction. Scientific Explanation for the above Behavior 1. Women play with their hair to groom themselves and appear attractive to you because they are interested in you.

What do you think? What are some other signs of attraction that you’ve encountered? How can you tell that a girl is attracted to you? Share the signs of attractions that are missing below.