31 Cringeworthy Flirting Fails That May Destroy Your Faith In Humanity

Overheard some kid at my university – who’s pretty obviously well off – wanting to wow a chick with all the people their dad knew and places he’d stayed over summer time.

“Wow, that sounds actually significant.”

2. Girl Baiting

I experienced a roommate who does try this move he would go up to a girl and go “Alright, I’m going to bed after we had a party and there were people lingering. Goodnight.” and then walk off.

Then about 2 mins later on he’d have actually come back up to “get something” and be like “Man, I’m tired. I’m gonna simply pass out” either right by the lady or where she’d hear.

Then 4-5 mins later he’d come backup to “do something” and say before I fall asleep”‘ the he’d wander off“ I might just watch a movie or something.

This kind of thing would continue. Their plan was clearly that ultimately, a girl would come with him. AMAZING ARRANGE.

Now when it comes to part that is wtf. I saw this in fact work at the very least 3 times with 3 various girls,and it could have persisted once I moved down. All 3 x we witnessed ended in “relations.

3. The Gnome

Overheard this guy just arbitrarily seated next to this pretty girl in a Starbucks in bay area.

The man wastes no amount of time in whipping their laptop out, then saying to her “Hey do you like WoW? i want to explain to you my Gnome Tank!”

That poor woman seemed so… surprised and confused. And everybody when you look at the queue needed to you will need to difficult to suppress the laughter.

(we suggest Gnome? Actually?!)

4. Missing The Hint

I became at a bar that is gay couple months ago. There was clearly this person putting on the precise shirt that is same personally me. I get as much as him and say something like “Cool shirt!”

He responds: “Looks better for you.”

My drunken reaction: “I’m sure, you look okay in it.”

5. The Manga Lover

A few summers ago I happened to be on a company trip, getting a flight that is connecting Pittsburgh. Some fat sweaty old man in sweatpants who was simply reading NSFW manga when you look at the terminal for about 50 % one hour begins chatting up this young girl. He asked her if she was thinking about likely to something called anthro-con and then showed her the articles of what appeared to be a sketchbook. (i really couldn’t see, I happened to be dealing with them.)

I’ll remember the appearance on her face. This proceeded until boarding.

6. Overkill

Was at a few years ago. Couple of single dudes sought out drinking afterwards and we also had been all pretty loaded. One man is striking out all over, so chooses to go on it into the next degree. Walks out onto the dance floor, whips down their pants and yells, “All right, who desires a number of this.” All of us left that bar soon after.

7. No, Simply No

Woman sitting by herself on a couch simply inside throughout a houseparty/backyard party. Diddling on the phone and what not. My buddy walks in, sits next to her, places his arm in the eyes and says “I have a girlfriend but she says it is okay if I find out along with other girls. around her, appears her” She just gets up and walks away.

8. B Squared

Back at my first evening away at college i witnessed probably the most horrific attempt at flirting I’ve ever seen. There’s five of us into the cellar of our dorm one evening, we’d been consuming plus it was extremely late. It’s 4 guys plus one woman and were simply hanging out talking regarding the couches. This kid that is random downstairs without saying any such thing and plants his ass regarding the settee directly beside the girl. He starts small talking her, like “whats your name” “Where are you currently from”, standard little talk. I glance over at one notice and point he has got A RAGING BONER. He was wearing track pants in order that mofo had been sticking up just like the eiffel tower. I shop around our circle at everyone else and they’ve plainly all seen it too. From that on, we referred to him as boner boy, or in short, b squared day.

9. “No Thanks”

My flatmate who’s a lady. A man provides her a beverage. Listed here ended up being the way the conversation went:

Him: “Can I buy you a beverage skip?” Her: “Not you one first. if we buy” Him: “No, thanks.”

He proceeds to GTFO of there.

10. The “Bad Guy”

Coworker whom we scarcely ever make use of understands I moved from 2000 miles away to call home with my boyfriend, tells me I’m cute. Fine, whatever. Then later on informs me he just like me because I’m a “good girl” and “bad guys like good girls.” We make sure he understands good girls don’t like bad guys, which is why I’m with my boyfriend, that is incredibly good. He proceeds to inform me personally that he’s sort of good, like he might sell medications but he’ll also assist little ladies that are old the road. SERIOUSLY. HE STATED THAT.

…Then he asks me personally just what took place to my hand (I’m using a wrist brace.) “I don’t understand, I injured it.” he states “Masturbating heavily?” in front of y our boss.

Will you be fucking severe?

11. “Up Yours”

A pal of mine was drunk one night whenever an attractive lady that is young his eye. He wandered over to her and he wished to say something across the lines of ‘Here’s looking at you kid’ or merely just simply ‘cheers’. Alternatively he just looked her into the optical eyes and roared ‘Up yours!’