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3 Killer Conversation Topics For Your First Date

By Andy Pope

Going out on a first date can be daunting and nerve-racking. After all, you need to be able to keep a conversation going for a few hours, and make sure your date is not only entertained, but also slowly but surely building a romantic connection with you. What will you ask her? What will you tell her about yourself? How will you guide the conversation?

Here are a couple of conversation topics and questions from my free iPhone mobile app Conversation Hero (http://www.ConversationHero.com) to help you get started:

If you could go back in time and space, and talk to yourself when you were 18 years old, what would you say?

Intrigue, adventure, fun. Among all of the conversation topics you could have chosen from, it’s unusual to ask a question that could be the basis for a whole sci-fi, time travel movie. You are asking her to reveal some of the good and bad things she has done in life and advise her younger self on what to do and what not to do. That should open the doors to many other interesting topics if you listen carefully to her answer and ask her follow-up questions on some of her answers. Moreover, you can also find out what’s important to her. Last but not least, it’s a fun and rather unusual question that will make you stand out from other guys that ask the usual boring questions about her job, upbringing, hobbies and other blah stuff. 

Where should you and I go on vacation this summer?

Dream a little bit. Vacations are one of the best conversation topics you could cover, because you’re asking her to imagine herself in a relationship with you already. A vacation is usually one of the most positive experiences one has, so putting herself into a quasi day dream state is great as she starts imagining herself with you in a great context. Though push her a little bit as she answers and ask her to describe more detail as to what the perfect day would look like, what the two of you would eat, drink and do. This way, she’ll really get into the fantasy.

What sort of a relationship are you looking for?

But be cautious: Your tone of voice should not be inquisitional or confrontational! You should put the question casually on the table. And you need to chip in with your own opinions and your own position. This is one of the most important conversation topics that will reveal what your date is looking for. It will lay on the table all the bare facts of dating between you and her. Once you ask this then it will become evident what you both are looking for. This is when you will find out if they want a long-term committed relationship, if they just want a casual date or they are really open about dating. Note that “good” girls don’t want to come across as easy if they just want to have “fun” with you, so you need to make it ok for her to answer without seeming shocked or being judgmental. The trick is to make the question more playful. So if the word “relationship” sounds too serious, try to sidestep the question with questions that could reveal what she’s after.

Need more conversation topics for your date?

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