(Photo courtesy of Din Muhammad Sumon, CC)

27 Rules of the Pimp Game Part 3

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Continuation of parts 1 and 2:

18. An important thing to consider in the rules of the pimp game is not to let bitches come between you and your fellow pimps who are your friends. This is vital for young players.

19. Do not fear to trusting a ho if she deserves it, although many pimps will disagree with this rule of the pimp game.

20. Do not get stuck in talking thinking this will convince the bitch. You can be able to tell if she wants you to treat her differently.

21. Value the knowledge you have and do not take it for granted. If you do not tell the bitches your personal issues they will have no way of knowing. They do not know anything about your style unless you tell them.

22. All pimps have different principles. You should have many concrete principles to abide by.

23. A pimp should be ready to catch a bitch anywhere such as the supermarket, carwash or movies. A bitch can be found anywhere.

24. Invest in the game plan you have in mind if you want to develop into a master pimp. You cannot be a master pimp if you do not invest. Buy jewelry, clothes and the most posh cars and all the toys imaginable.

25. Small moves lead up to big games. Many desire to be giants in pimping as soon as possible. One of the rules of the pimp game is to realize that for this to happen, small things have to happen first.

26. When a ho leaves you do not try to find out the reason she left. All women are weak and hos are the same. These bitches leave for the most stupid reasons.

27. Another important rule of the pimp game is to learn how to pimp the ho. When they stay with you for long you end up liking them and even loving them. When they leave, you take this personally. Remember that no matter how bad you are, a bitch will always remain one.