27 Rules of the Pimp Game Part 2

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Continuation of part 1 of the RSD Jeffy video.

8. Among the rules of the pimp, it is important for the pimp to control his conversations. He may have a lot on his mind and become focused on his conversation that he forgets his broad behind.

9. A pimp should not be afraid of making the decisions required. If you have a number of hos, always have an opinion. If the ho does not agree with what you lay out, get rid of her and look for another one.

10. Do not be soft when you see hos crying. Bitches are good at acting and hos are good at this. If they deceive you with their tears, they will select another pimp over you.

11. In the rules of the pimp, an important one is not pimping more than one ho while trying to get another one.

12. The rules of the pimp emphasize that you should know what to keep telling the ho to keep her in line. This is to prevent her from tripping when she thinks of the beatings she gets from you.

13. Learn how to deal with more than one ho. Become neutral and do not choose a main one, which most pimps normally do. Let the ho choose you instead.

14. Learn to de diplomatic. This is vital in rules of the pimp as diplomacy is the best policy. Always make the best choices. There is no sense in fighting with other pimps. Talk to resolve problems since pimps are not meant to fight.

15. Approach all situations with game. Keep game in its proper place. Do not go into a situation looking for violence, as this is not necessary.

16. When you get a new ho, find out about her. Do not just accept a bitch when you do not know what kind of hang-ups she has. She could be a drug addict among other things.

17. If the ho is not delivering, accept it and move on.