27 Rules of the Pimp Game Part 1

Summarized by Christian Amsterdan

Part uno of another excellent video with Real Social Dynamics coach Jeffy. As always, here’s a quick summary of his main points:

John Dickson is the author of ‘American Pimp’. He wrote this book because a pimp took one of his bitches and he realized some rules had to be laid out to prevent such happenings. He decided that he had to come up with rules of the pimp so as to prevent controversies. Rules of the Pimp John Dickson laid down 27 rules of the pimp and some of them are as follows:

1. A pimp should be able to be as cold as possible.

2. A pimp should be able to deal with the information available. If he does not learn things from the word go, in future, he will not be able to deal with situations.

3. When things go wrong the pimp should attempt to solve the problem to avoid making losses.

4. If the pimp is driving by and cannot locate his hos, he should not panic. He should go somewhere and unwind to calm down. Even if they are not available where you can see them, at the end of the day what matters is for them to pay you.

5. When your ho pays you, do not get excited. Realize that they are supposed to pay you as it is their destiny. Do not act grateful, they are not doing you a favor.

6. A pimp should be able to overcome problems to ensure that he still gets paid at the end of the day. It is not smooth sailing all the way. A Master pimp is able to detect problems from far and devise methods of solving them. He ensures that no matter what is happening, he will still get paid.

7. Remember what you say to your ho as they might try to use it against you later. Avoid saying things that may entrap you in future.