12 Habits to Lead a Happy Life in Your 30’s

While it’s never too late to change your life, it’s also never too early to start building it in such a way that it wouldn’t need drastic changing in the future. “But I’m so young, I’m only 20. Life’s too long..” blah blah blah. If you think you’re young enough to still pass at being wild and free, then you probably are, and you get a pass for a couple more years (though, to be honest, it’s NEVER too early to start living life properly). But one day soon you can hit the big 3-0, and perspective starts knocking at your door like Junior Death.

Suddenly being young, wild, and free starts to feel empty and meaningless. Suddenly partying the nights away become tiring and tedious. Suddenly, you find yourself thinking with such maturity, the thought of owning a house excites you. This is all okay. While there is no need to get rid of whatever lifestyle you’ve come to love, whether it involves daily happy hours or sleeping in with a good book, there are other things that suddenly become more important at this point in your life.

These are the things you have to nurture from now on to assure that you don’t only find enjoyment, but also stability, comfort, and ultimately, happiness. So what does it take to lead a happy life and make the best of your 30’s. Here are 12 ideas:

Get fit

Now’s the time to correct all the binge drinking and cholesterol overdose of your younger years. Eat healthy, exercise. It’s not about looking good anymore. It’s about feeling good from the inside. You may think you’re young and invincible, but that’s a delusion. Your body will thank you in the long run.


Don’t be a jack of all trades. Now that you’ve explored your options, your 30’s is the perfect time to hone your craft and master it. Focusing on one thing at a time will give you better, more fulfilling results in the end.

Keep Growing

Self-improvement must be a constant in life. Whether with your career, or your personal interests, or relationships, you must always pursue growth. This is a healthy path to fulfillment and a better understanding of the things around you. We weren’t made to stay still after all.

Seek out Good Vibes

Life’s to short to litter it with people who put you down, hurt you, and treat you like crap. You owe them nothing. You don’t need to please them. And you sure as hell are not doing yourself any good by keeping them around. It may be hard, it may be the most difficult thing ever, but letting go of those people can also be the most liberating thing you will ever do.

Show Some Love

Now that you’ve trimmed your circles to people you really value, learn to show some love. Nurture your friendships and the relationships with people who love you back. These are possibly the best investments you can make because while money and jobs come and go, valuable, life-long relationships are irreplaceable. 

Save Up

It’s never too early to think about financial stability, especially in old age when money can’t be made as easily. Get out of debt, and start owing yourself instead of banks. Pay yourself from each paycheck and put it into a retirement fund or a savings account. You don’t want to be fifty, sixty, tired and weary, still living from paycheck to paycheck do you?

Take Chances

It can be the scariest thing in the world and the biggest risk of your existence. But its rewards are priceless and immeasurable. There’s no better time than in your 30’s to start shaping your life the way you want it to, regardless of what anyone else says. Just know that no matter what happens, the biggest regrets are not the failures, but the “could have beens”. 

Nobody Knows Anything, and It’s Okay

It’s okay, despite everything, if you haven’t got it all figured out. The fact is, nobody does. Whether with your job, your marriage, your kids, everyone’s really just winging it. Just keep going anyway, be true to yourself with what makes you happy. Don’t be trapped by what you think people want or need from you, or what you think people need to see. They know nothing either, least of all about your life.

Love Your Parents

As you gain a certain level of maturity in your 30’s, you’ll find that relationships with your parents are more valuable and more rewarding. They respect you as your own man now, and they no longer need to keep educating you anymore. You will reach even ground where you can just be friends and confidantes. 

Build your family

Your 30’s is also the perfect time to think about your future in terms of family. If you are in a long-term, happy, and healthy relationship, this is a good time to think about taking things to the next level, whether marriage, children, or as simple as having pets or buying a house together. And if you are not, then perhaps it’s time to reevaluate what fulfills you and pursue that. Whether it involves a partner or just yourself, your 30’s will be a good time to pursue more emotionally fulfilling relationships.

Love yourself

Be kind to yourself. Be honest with yourself about your wants and needs. It all begins from you after all. Don’t give yourself unrealistic expectations. Don’t compare your behind-the-scenes with their highlights reel. Don’t mind anyone else basically. Live your life for yourself, and you alone. Your life is nobody’s business.

Let Go

Understand that whatever planning or working or anything else you do, you are ultimately not in control of your life. It can throw things your way that you never expected. Just go with the flow, and take things as gracefully as you can as they come. It’s okay, and it’s the same for everyone Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey.