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11 Brilliant Second Date Ideas

Summarized by C. Amsterdan

Need ideas for your second date? Look no further. In this cool video, check out some of the great second date ideas PUA the Gambler has for you:


  1. Clubs and Bars: If you are meeting your girlfriend who is accompanied by friends, it would be ideal to go to a bar. Select one with live music or a cocktail bar.
  2. Shisha Smoking: Invite her to go to a club where you can smoke shisha. These places normally provide a relaxed and cool atmosphere.
  3. Spa or Swimming: If your girl is comfortable and confident with her body, you can invite her to a spa or swimming. These activities provide relaxation, giving you a chance to talk.
  4. Casino: This outing is interesting and affordable. Invite her for a game of roulette or blackjack in the casino. It gives you an opportunity to dress up elegantly!
  5. Wine Tasting: This is very enjoyable as it involves alcohol! It enables you to learn about different kinds of wine.
  6. Classes Attend classes together for yoga or dancing. She will associate positive things with you if she has an interesting time.
  7. Visit the Park: Take her to the park to enjoy sports, feeding squirrels, or simply taking a romantic walk around the park!
  8. Sporting Activities: If your girlfriend is the active type and does not mind a broken nail or two, take her for bowling or go-carting. This takes pressure off and is relaxing. First ask her whether she would be interested.
  9. Karaoke:  Go forKaraoke at a place where there is a high view for enjoying tourist attractions such as the Ferris wheel or Buckingham palace if you are in London.
  10. Cooking: Indoors Invite your girl for dinner and cook for her! Get tips from your Mum or attend cooking classes. Alternatively, you can cook together.
  11. Private Lessons at Home: Engage a teacher to come to your home and give you and your girlfriend lessons on yoga, guitar playing and dancing. You can also watch a film at home. 

What do you think of these second date ideas? Add your best to the list by commenting below.