10 Winter Fashion Tips For Men

Summarized by C. Amsterdan

Here are the Gambler’s 10 Winter fashion tips for men:

  1. Grey faded jeans with a black sweater: The jeans should be well fitting. The cable knit sweater with an attractive slit-like design at the neck provides a classy look. Wear with black chunky boots or loafers.
  2. Leather jacket: Wear the black leather jacket either zipped up or not. This is a classic and can be worn for many years without going out of fashion.
  3. White summer shirt: It is unique as it is collarless, with two layers. Suitable for a casual or executive look and should be well fitting. Keep the top button open.
  4. White decorated shirt: This shirt has a crazy design as it has a decoration from the shoulder to waist. Ideal when you are going out.
  5. Tuxedo shirts: Wear this shirt with a bow tie. Instead of buttons it has press studs and cufflinks. Wear it with a nice jacket or a cable neck buttoned jumper.
  6. Suit jacket with jeans: This gives you an executive look. The jacket should be well fitting along the shoulders, chest and arms. It has one or two buttons.
  7. Velvet jacket: A velvet jacket is unique and to add a touch of class, put a handkerchief inside the pocket. Rolling up the jacket gives you a new look and the chance to show off your jewelry.
  8. Long overcoat jacket: This black jacket has a hood at the back and a drawstring at the waist. It provides a unique executive look!
  9. Hoody worn with black sleeveless jacket: Complete this great rugged look with a woolen cap, black leather gloves and classy leather shoes. The hoody has a high neck line. Wear with jeans.
  10. Simple Jumper: A simple and unique jumper whose design makes it look like it’s inside out. It has a low v-neck and can be worn with a t-shirt underneath. Wear with dark blue jeans which are well fitting with blue loafers. 

What do you think of Gambler’s winter fashion tips for men? Do you agree? What else do you recommend? Comment below.