10 Ways To Prevent Fear From Dictating Your Life

“Fear is the mind-killer”, so a saying goes. But however much we don’t want to fear or try not to fear, it simply can’t be helped. We humans, or animals, for that matter, are just wired to feel fear. We might not like it, but it is completely natural and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Except if you let it rule your life.

While you can never prevent actually feeling fear, you can at least prevent fear from dictating your life. Living your life in fear is such a waste after all. The world is too big and awesome, and opportunities are too golden to let fear stop you from claiming your piece of glory. The following are ways to make sure you prevent fear from dictating your life.

Be Aware Of Everything

Awareness is very empowering. Mindfulness, even of the smallest day-to-day details, allows you to be more conscious of your thoughts and actions, which then gives you more control over them. It’s like you learn to look at your mind from the outside and gain perspective of your own brain’s workings.

Put Things In Perspective

If something seems so big it seems insurmountable, it’s not. It’s understandable to balk at important things, but you have to understand that while fear makes you feel small, there are also things far more important that make facing your fear worthwhile and rewarding, and nothing can make you feel bigger in the end.

Know What You Want

While fear may be that first roadblock, knowing that what lies behind your fear is something greater would allow you to man up, suck it up, and go for it. Keep your eyes on the prize!

Be Aware of Your Feelings

Just like mindfulness, being aware of your emotions can be very empowering. For example, if you’re aware that you’re nervous, you can ask yourself why you’re nervous and address that concern, instead of just letting your nerves consume you. This way, you can be bigger than the feels.

Ask Yourself The Right Questions

The key to self-awareness is asking yourself the right and empowering questions. This helps organize your thoughts and give you clarity. Rationally and calmly questioning negative thoughts, anxiety and emotions can be very insightful as to what is causing the fear and what’s preventing you from overcoming them.

Don’t Make Excuses

Fear is a great chameleon. It can hide itself in plain sight through pseudo practicality and faulty logic. Stop making excuses! You may just find yourself in old age regretting your life because of all the excuses you made to pass life up.

Avoid Analysis-Paralysis

The more you think, the more fear eats up on you. Overthinking is the best friend of fear.  Thus it’s almost certain that the longer you think, the more fearful you will probably be. So think about your decisions for a good amount of time, and when you’ve come to a good decision, take the leap and do it. Second-guessing yourself is both counterproductive and useless.

Take Your Chances

It’s always the risks you didn’t take that eat you up. Wonder and regret make a killer combo that could result in a disappointed and frustrated you. The way to avoid this is to take risks, take chances, and take that leap of faith. The feeling of regret and loss is really much scarier than fear itself.

Learn To Accept Any Possible Outcome

Once you face your fear and go for it, the truth is, you might still fail. That’s just how life works. Learning to accept these things with grace allows you to be in control of yourself and the situation, instead of fear and disappointment controlling you. Having this mindset also makes you braver because it shows you that you can handle fear and failure after all.

Keep Going

Whether you’re balking at fear, or have failed and are scared to try again, keep going anyway. Overcoming challenges makes you resilient and gives you strength. You’ll be laughing at the face of fear before you even know it.

Fear will be a constant all our lives, but if you prevent fear from dictating your life, then you are giving yourself freedom and permission to live your life to fullest. And you owe yourself that.